Designed for class, meeting and training rooms or labs which require large wall surfaces to write and display.
The EXPRESSION VERTICAL wall avoids the material and financial restrictions (tight stairway to meeting rooms or small budgets) and extends the communication spaces by providing large sizes boards easy to receive and install.
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LARGE DIMENSIONS : Juxtapose two start/end modules and one or more H2xL1 m central modules to cover a wall according to the desired width.
EASY TO RECEIVE AND INSTALL: The delivery and installation issues related to big sizes boards made of a single panel were a real restriction to their use in meeting rooms. Indeed the transportation per unit of boards bigger than 4m results in 70 per cent of cases in damages against 0.5 per cent for boards smaller than 2m. Packed in several modules easy to deliver, to receive and assemble.
ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: Eco-friendly materials such as the e3 enamel surface, guaranteed for life* and 99% recyclable, which offers greater resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals. *Under normal conditions of use.
MAGNETIC SURFACE: To display using magnets.
e3 enamelled steel surface vitrified at 800°C.
Discreet 7 mm junction profile in white lacquered aluminium.
Backing made from high density chipboard (8 mm), certified to PEFC, recyclable to 99%.
Counterbalancing with galvanized steel which maintain absolute flatness of the panel over time.
Bonded using polyurethane glue with absolutely no VOCs.
Side frame of the start or end modules made of smooth anodized aluminium.
Lower and upper profiles ( map holder) in anodised aluminium. The upper and lower profiles are connected by connecting pieces and covers hide the junctions.
Protective caps made of grey plastic.

Board: 2 years / Surface: for life.

The product is certified to EN ISO 28762 and EN14334, NF Éducation and NF Environnement.
The chipboard is certified to PEFC.
This product is manufactured in a French factory which is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
M2 fire rating.