Designed for classrooms, meeting and training rooms that want large wall surfaces for writing, displaying and projecting that are accessible to everyone but have a tight budget.
The EXPRESSION HORIZONTAL wall consists of a high and a low module that are juxtaposed horizontally to form a single panel that can cover an entire wall. It allows an image to be projected onto the upper module without being disturbed by a vertical junction profile.
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LARGE DIMENSIONS: Juxtapose two modules, top and bottom horizontally to cover a wall over a height of 2 m and a width of 2 to 4 meters.
PROJECTION : Projection sur le module haut sans être gêné par un profil de jonction vertical.
ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: Eco-friendly materials such as the e3 enamel surface, guaranteed for life* and 99% recyclable, which offers greater resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals. *Under normal conditions of use.
AVAILABLE IN MARKER OR PROJECTION WHITE AND CHALK GREEN: Marker or projection white for writing with markers and projecting, chalk green for writing with chalk. Check out our guide.
MAGNETIC SURFACE: To display using magnets.
e3 enamelled steel surface vitrified at 800°C.
Discreet 7 mm junction profile in white lacquered aluminium.
Backing made from high density chipboard (8 mm), certified to PEFC, recyclable to 99%.
Counterbalancing with galvanized steel which maintain absolute flatness of the panel over time.
Bonded using polyurethane glue with absolutely no VOCs.

Board: 2 years / Surface: for life.

The product is certified to EN ISO 28762 et EN14334.
The chipboard is certified to PEFC.
This product is manufactured in a French factory which is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
M2 fire rating.