The most advanced digital flipchart! Turn any area into a modern, easy-to-use collaborative workspace through the wheeled, mobile display with capacitive touch. Rotate the screen to support different types of content and ideation flows.
Find the reference of your product by selecting the following features
ANNOTATE: Easily create & export annotations on every screen or application you use, even on external devices connected.
BROWSE: Bring your content to life with the integrated browser.
VIDEO CONFERENCE: Simple video conferencing with the integrated camera and microphone.
PRESENT: Share your screen wirelessly with the i3ALLSYNC app or new i3ALLSYNC HDMI transmitter.
SIMPLE NOTETAKING: Take quick notes in the i3NOTES whiteboarding app.
CAST TO: Mirror your i3SIXTY display to your other devices.
PRESSURE SENSITIVE ACTIVE PEN: Included and compatible with Microsoft Ink.

3 years.