A classic and elegant design.
With a display capacity of 4 to 15 A4 sheets, LEADER outdoor swing door display cases are weatherproof and offer perfect waterproofing without condensation.
Find the reference of your product by selecting the following features
WEATHER RESISTANCE: Waterproof but breathable (anti-fog), it protects documents from humidity and ensures that they can be read without obstruction.
EASY ACCESS: The hinged door makes it easy to access content for updating. The door can be installed on the right or left. Magnetic surface for displaying with magnets.
INACCESSIBLE WALL MOUNTING: After locking the door.
SECURITY: Lock located on the side.
IDENTICAL OR DIFFERENT LOCKS: On request and within the limit of 10.
OPTIONAL STAND: To install your display case where you need it. To be bolted on.
SECURITY GLASS OR POLYACRYLATE DOOR: More transparent and difficult to scratch, 4 mm safety glass offers greater resistance to impacts and thermal shocks and the advantage, in the event of breakage, of breaking into small pieces to prevent accidents. Polyacrylate is lightweight and highly resistant to impact.
Surface in pre-lacquered magnetic steel sheet. Usable internal depth: 31 mm.
Swing door made from tempered safety glass (4 mm) or polyacrylate (3 mm). Locking by a lock located on the side, delivered with 2 keys.
Frame made from natural anodised aluminium. Heavy-duty corners and caps made of methacrylate.
Two vertical multicellular foam seals and a deflector guarantee a perfect watertightness. Natural vertical ventilation by top and bottom labyrinth allowing air circulation and avoiding condensation.
Optional stand to be bolted on.
Other colors for lacquering frame profiles on request.

Standard warranty: 2 years

The product is manufactured in a French factory which is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
M0 fire rating of display cases with steel surface and glass doors.