JUNE - Screen

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees and visitors are your priorities. Combining clear glass with wood, JUNE partition walls and screens provide protection between users who can naturally continue to collaborate and communicate. Flexible, the partition walls and screens allow you to organise and reorganise spaces according to your needs. Durable, the glass is easy to clean and resists disinfectant products in daily use.
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PROTECTION AND COLLABORATION: JUNE partition walls and screens ensure the sanitary safety of the users while allowing visual collaboration. The transparent glass also allows light to pass through, a source of well-being.
FLEXIBILITY: Mobile thanks to its wheels, the partition wall can follow you everywhere and allows you to arrange the spaces quickly according to your needs. The screen can be quickly installed between two users face-to-face or side by side.
WRITING AND DISPLAY SURFACE:Ultra smooth, glass provides a pleasant surface for writing with dry-wipe markers or liquid chalk markers and for displaying sticky notes or memos with masking tape.
FREQUENT CLEANINGS AND DISINFECTIONS: Smooth and non-porous, glass has a bacteriostatic surface that is unfavourable to the spread of bacteria and viruses. Easy to maintain with a clean microfiber (+ water and soap), it also resists daily disinfection with chemicals.
DURABILITY AND SAFETY: Rated A+ for indoor air emissions and guaranteeing safety in the event of breakage, the glass keeps a like-new appearance and offers a long service life.
NATURE: Elegant and warm, wood brings a natural and soft note.
COLOURS: Use the optional translucent coloured glasses to harmonise the colour codes or boost your employees' motivation.
Surface made of 4 mm thick clear laminated glass.
Wooden base in glued laminated hevea wood and aluminium.
4 lockable castors.

2 years

Produit fabriqué dans une usine française certifiée ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 et ISO 14001.
Classement au feu M2.