Integrate any height enamel or glass panels directly into the partitions with a cover or edge-to-edge for maximum magnetic writing and display surfaces.
Find the reference of your product by selecting the following features
ECO-FRIENDLY RAW EDGE PANELS: e3 enamel surface, lifetime warranty and 99% recyclable, which offers increased resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals (under normal conditions of use).
POLISHED EDGE GLASS PANELS AVAILABLE IN ALL COLOURS: 4 mm tempered or laminated glass surface, available in many standard colours or on request (available with more lead time).
AVAILABLE OPTIONS: profile groove thickness correction, digital printing, lacquered sheet metal surface, lacquered edges, double-sided panels, profile groove thickness correction.
MAGNETIC DISPLAY: to display using standard magnets (enamel) or strong neodymium power (glass).
WRITING: write all your messages using dry-erase markers (enamel, white glass) or water-erase liquid chalk markers.
Surface made of 800°C glazed steel e3 white felt or tempered lacquered glass (except red) available in the following standard colours: white (RAL 9010), black (RAL 9005), red (RAL 3000 - laminated) and grey (RAL 7011). Other colours in laminated glass on request.
Substrate according to thickness high density wood fiber, chipboard or honeycomb certified PEFC.
Counterbalance by 4/10th galvanized sheet, which allows magnetic display using strong neodymium magnets for the glass surface and protects the panel from deformations.
Gluing with a polyurethane glue without any VOC.

PEFC certified wood chipboard.
Product manufactured in a French factory certified ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.