Ideal for creating walls to intensively write, display and project in a brainstorming room. The MULTIWALL offers a huge continuous surface that can measure up to 3 m in height and 12 m in width. Magnetic, it allows to display documents of large dimensions thanks to magnets.
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LARGE DIMENSIONS: an area up to 3 m high and 12 m wide that can cover all the walls of a brainstorming room from floor to ceiling.
A CONTINUOUS WRITING SURFACE: panels laminated on a high density MDF support and sliced with a high pressure water jet to have perfectly smooth edges juxtaposed without writing break.
ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE: eco-friendly materials such as e3 enamel surface, 99% lifetime guarantee* and recyclable, which offers increased resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals (under normal conditions of use).
AVAILABLE IN WHITE FELT OR PROJECTION AND CHALK GREEN: white felt or projection to write with markers and project, green to write with chalk. Check out our Choice Guide.
MAGNETIC SURFACE: to display with magnets.
Enamelled steel surface vitrified at 800°C e3 white felt. High density wood fiber substrate (12 mm) PEFC certified. Counterbalancing with an aluminum sheet that protects the panel from deformations due to humidity. Bonding using a polyurethane glue without any VOC. Smooth anodized aluminum frame uniting all the panels

Table: 2 years/ Surface: lifetime.
Certifications & Warranty
Product certified EN ISO 28762 and EN14334.
PEFC certified wood chipboard.
Product manufactured in a French factory certified ISO 9001,
ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.
Fire rating M2.