Ideal for creating walls to write intensively, display and project in a brainstorming room.
The MULTIWALL offers a huge continuous surface that can measure up to 3 m in height and 12 m in width. Magnetic, we can display large documents (A0 format, storyboards, posters, photos etc ...) with magnets.
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LARGE DIMENSIONS: A surface measuring up to 3 m high and 12 m wide and can cover all walls from floor to ceiling in a brainstorming room.
A CONTINUOUS WRITING SURFACE: Panels bonded onto a high density MDF core and cut with a very high pressure water jet in order to have perfectly smooth edges that can be juxtaposed without any writing breaking.
ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: Eco-friendly materials such as the PEFC certified substrate and e3 enamel surface, guaranteed for life* and 99% recyclable, which offers greater resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals. *Under normal conditions of use.
AVAILABLE IN MARKER OR PROJECTION WHITE AND CHALK GREEN: Marker or projection white for writing with markers and projecting, chalk green for writing with chalk. Check out our guide.
MAGNETIC SURFACE: To display using magnets.
e3 enamelled steel surface vitrified at 800°C in marker white.
Backing made from high density chipboard (12 mm), certified to PEFC
Counterbalancing using an aluminium sheet which protects the panels from deformation due to humidity.
Bonded using polyurethane glue with absolutely no VOCs.
Frame which unites all the panels made from smooth anodized aluminium.

Board: 2 years / Surface: for life.

The product is certified to EN ISO 28762 et EN14334.
The chipboard is certified to PEFC.
This product is manufactured in a French factory which is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
M2 fire rating.