XILO Sash board

Ideal for lecture theatres and conference rooms.
The XILO sash board provides 1 to 2 writing surfaces in e3 environmental ceramicsteel that are sliding independently along the two vertical columns at the required height by the user. The boards can be overlapped so that a screen or a writing or display support can be incorporated in the back wall.
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AESTHETICS: The columns have a more rounded and slender design.
COMFORT: Moving from top to bottom is done effortlessly at the touch of a finger.
INDEPENDENT SURFACES: The sash board offers its user totally independent surfaces.
VISIBILITY: In the high position, the board can be read by all students.
COMPACT: Not very cumbersome in depth for a better optimization of space.
<ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: Eco-friendly materials such as the e3 enamel surface, guaranteed for life* and 99% recyclable, which offers greater resistance to scratches, bacteria and chemicals. *Under normal conditions of use.
MAGNETIC SURFACE: To display using magnets.
HANDLE / ACCESSORY HOLDER: Along the entire length of the panels.
e3 enamelled steel surface vitrified at 800°C in marker white.
Backing made from honeycomb (40 mm).
Counterbalancing with galvanised steel which maintains absolute flatness of the panel over time.
Bonded using polyurethane glue with absolutely no VOCs.
Horizontal frames made from smooth anodised aluminium.
Anodised aluminium columns. Fixings in the lower and wall parts.
Chain drive. Rubber stop to dampen the stopping of the panels.

Board: 2 years / Surface: for life.

The honeycomb panel is certified to PEFC.
This product is manufactured in a French factory which is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
M1 fire rating.