i3TOUCH P Series

The i3TOUCH P Series is the perfect match in every state-of-the-art meeting room.
It combines the essentials for interactive meetings with a sleek, stylish design that feels very natural and intuitive.
Find the reference of your product by selecting the following features
CAPACITIVE SENSE : The capacitive touch technology creates a very responsive and natural touch experience and a sleek, stylish design.
WIDE RANGE OF SIZES : The i3TOUCH Premium comes in a wide range of sizes from 55”, 65", 75" to 86” to provide the correct size for any room.
ACTIVE STYLUS : The active stylus is automatically recognized as a pen in Office 365 and other Microsoft apps.
COMES WITH i3BIZ STUDIO : Improve productivity and spark creativity during meetings with easy to use apps for whiteboarding, annotations and wireless screen sharing.

3 years / Education : 5 years after registration. / Optional : 7 years.